Bio and Artist Statement


Ron Pickering (b. 1963) resides in Douglas, Michigan, and is pursuing his BFA from the College for Creative Studies (2021). He previously served in the United States Navy and earned a BS from Baker College. He has 30 years of experience in the software industry, giving him exceptional experience with project management and digital technologies. Pickering specializes in food photography and is drawn is to sourced locally, particularly chefs and bakers creating products which moves away from processed foods. 

Ron Pickering currently has two active projects: Natural Motion, addressing the environment through abstraction, and Sweet Invasion, exploring the proliferation of sugar in our food supply. His work has been exhibited in Chicago at Beverly Art Center Chicago, Michigan shows including Art Prize, Festival of the Arts, Collins Art Gallery and Gremlin Art Studio, and published in Seen magazine.  He has been commissioned to create work for Michigan organizations to include Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford Hospital, and the Rochester Fire Department. Pickering is an active member of The American Society of Media Photographers and is represented by Armstrong Degraaf Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Artist Statement

I am a digital photographer with a passion for food, surreal and abstract images. 

I wish my imagery to move the viewer to think about how our actions as a society impact our personal bodies and mother earth environments. There are two points I which to currently address through my work. I want to highlight the problems of sugar creeping into our foods which has personally impacted my health. The other is to help continue to bring awareness of climate change and our local impact on our environment.

I make art because of the deep connection I feel to a subject as I am studying then transposing my viewpoint to the camera and digital canvas. I make art because of the constant changes that can be made to approaching the same subject. I make art to remind me that nothing is perfect and it’s the imperfect where I find the beauty.

My creations, commercial and fine art, are definitely meant to be shared with people of all backgrounds but ultimately, I make it for myself as an expression of my thoughts and emotion about a subject with the intention for my soul to connect to another soul.