About Pickering Photography


I remember the first time I saw an Ansel Adams print and immediately fell in love with photography. I felt the same way about food when I had my first real adult dinner at The Whitney in Detroit. What I didn't know was that I would become obsessed with  imaging food and beverages. So after a career in supply chain software management, I started pursuing my passion for food photography. 

I believe great photography goes beyond technical knowledge. I am studying at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. All designed to provide you, the client, the finest photography possible.

Why Ron Pickering Photography?

  • Energetic and positive attitude
  • Outstanding photographic skill
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Ability to shoot on location
  • Access to talent including food stylist and art directors
  • Project management experience


  • Commercial and Food Photography,  
  • Off hours and overnight services 
  • Product pick up and delivery 
  • Prints
  • Project Management 
  • Design Concept 


Contact Us

We will accommodate your schedule, including overnight product / commercial imaging.

Ron Pickering Photography

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